ISAIAH 45:1-8 I. God’s Sovereignty expounded. This means God is independent. II. It means God is the ruler of all. III. It means God answer to no one. Don't be shellfish…FacebookTwitteremail


I. Luke 12:40 We serve a ready God. Neh. 9:17, Ps. 86:5, Isa. 38:20. II. We need to be ready to hear. Ecc. 5:1, Acts 17:11. James 1:21. III. We need to be ready to teach Gods Word. I Peter 3:15, II Tim. 2:24-26. IV. We need to persuade people to be ready for the …

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December 26, 2021 “I Love Mercy”

I. The Author. I Peter 1:3 II. The Ground. Romans 23 III. The Subjects. Luke 17:13 IV. The Character. Psalm 103:4 V. The Measure. Psalm 103:8 VI. The Extent. Psalm 103;11 VII. The Duration Psalm 103:17 Don't be shellfish…FacebookTwitteremail

Sunday 12, December 2021

Justification I. What Is It. – Romans 4:5-8 II. The one who justifies. – Romans 8:33 III. Whom He justified. – Romans 3:24 IV. From what He justified. – Acts 13:39 V. Result of being justified. – Romans 5:1 Don't be shellfish…FacebookTwitteremail

Sunday December 5th 2021

Sin I. The Servants of Sin Romans 6:20 II. The Wages Of Sin Romans 6:23 III. The Deceitfulness Hebrews 11:25 IV. The Pleasures Hebrews 11:25 V. The Sacrifice Hebrews 10:12 VI. The Eternal Consequences Jude 7 Don't be shellfish…FacebookTwitteremail

Christ Sufferings

Sunday January 17th, 2021 Christ sufferings from men. —— Hatred Isa. 53:3 Christ sufferings with men. —— Sympathy Isa. 53:4 Christ’s sufferings for men. ——–Atonement Isa. 53:5 Christ’s suffering for man’s transgression Isa. 53:5 Christ’s suffering for our reconciliation of our enemies Zech. 13:7 Don't be shellfish…FacebookTwitteremail