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When God Spoke. Hebrews 1:1

I. Abraham- Fell on his face II. Moses hid his face III. Elijah wrapped his face in a mantle IV. Job abhorred himself V. Peter said “Depart from” VI. John fell at

Offeratory Prayer May 20th 2018

Heavenly Father, Thank You for our mother far and near. Thank You for the faithful mothers of the body of Christ. We want to remind ourselves that our mothers are the fruit

The Seven Appearances Of Angels During The Life Of Christ On Earth

I. To Shepherds. St. Luke 2:9 II. To Joseph. St. Matthew 2:13 III. To Joseph. St. Matthew 2:19 IV. To Temptation. St. Matthew 4:11 V. In Gethsemane. St. Luke 22:48 VI. At